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Marvel Entertainment, LLC (formerly Marvel Enterprises and Toy Biz, Inc., and marketed and stylized as MARVEL) is an American entertainment company founded in June 1998 and based in New York City, formed by the merger of Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. and ToyBiz. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, and is mainly known for its comic books by Marvel Comics, as well as its forays into films with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A member from the public mentioned, "ALL the Marvel movies suck, the entire MCU sucks. The scripts are boilerplate and idiotic, every movie is just an advertisement for the next movie, focus-tested to suck money from your wallet. They're all the same. They make us all stupider. Forget about the identity politics, whose purpose in these movies is not to advance a progressive agenda, but to generate free advertising and sell more shit. How many times has the world been saved from incredibly predictable villains, by incredibly predictable superheroes, who cross over between movies and shows just to produce hype for the next round of identical movies with too-perfect dramaturgy and fight choreography? To the extent that artistry exists in these movies at all, it's relegated to the sidelines: the costumes and set design often look great, but it's turd polish. The usually-incredible Alan Silvestri has apparently consigned himself to make the music scores as straightforward and bromidic as possible, though perhaps this is on purpose, allowing it to drip smoothly into the pool of grey goop without disturbing the shiny surface.

The movies are so overwhelmingly flashy and fast-paced that they leave no time for thinking about the plot -- which is necessary, because very little thought seems to go into it: The narrative structure is, endlessly, "and then another thing happened", tied together with cinematography and musical cues that tell you how to feel. The plot is force-fed to you, the feeding tube lubricated with industrial-strength CGI, producing a delicious foie gras for Marvel to harvest at their convenience."


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Former Employee - Director says

"It's hard to explain just how awful it is working there compared to what it could be and I say this without anger or resentment, just want to let potential employees know what they're getting themselves into. I'd encourage you to reach out to some past employees on LinkedIn and asking some questions before accepting a job there. On to the review, with the Studios side (there is a very clear line between Studios and Marvel Entertainment) pumping out blockbusters, the Entertainment side has licensing deals thrown into it's lap day in and day out, yet, it still feels like the company is living in the 90s and fighting off bankruptcy. The office morale is non-existent which is really sad because there are so many people there who really love the brand. You'll constantly hear employee's say things like "oh it's just the Marvel way" which really means that nothing as far as how employee's are treated, office cleanliness, or things that happen everyday in the office, no matter how awful, are ever unexpected. Upward mobility doesn't exist. If you're a current employee, please do yourself a favor and interview just to see what you're worth, don't believe them that what you're making is industry standard. It's an extremely flat structure with highly underpaid junior employees and untouchable management that all have been there forever and are a total boy's club. If you're not part of the core crew, you will be let go eventually when somebody needs to be blamed for whatever business unit isn't performing up to par."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Cheap, Cheap, Cheap. Horrible IT Equipment. Dictatorship management style and expected to work under extreme conditions with unrealistic deadlines."

Current Employee - Management says

"Just about everything else This place is the absolute worst place Ive ever much so that it’s telling that they have interns on this site making fake reviews to drown out all the people telling the truth about how horrible this place is. Not classy at all Marvel. Fix your company, and your horrible HR department ... that doesn’t start by covering up reviews. That type of arrogance is why word is starting to get out about what a horrible place it is to work."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The ‘onward and downward’ post is so spot on I laughed at what an almost perfect review it was. 100% true- don’t be fooled by the brand- most employees cry knowing they really aren’t part of the other side - aka real Disney company- Marvel is just a crummy, cheap, depressing division. Revolving door is an UNDERSTATEMENT- I’ve never seen so many people leave voluntarily or good, sweet people canned for no reason, sometimes those there for a few months. As others said, CHEAP- no Supplies anywhere - you’re literally told to bring your own stuff. Makes sense given how hated the CEO is and talked about internally and in the press (just google him and see how he is viewed in the industry). Donut Friday’s for the whole Office consists of 2 boxes - because they aren’t allowed to spend ONE PENNY over the few bucks they’re given. Cockroach infested nasty office space a block from the beautiful Disney campus- although I think they’re moving them to the lot. No one seems to be happy here and no one seems to ever do anything of real work value. I had no idea what most people Did all day. Meetings for the sake of meetings, where nothing gets accomplished other than executives bashing how much they hate it here and how they wish they were at Disney. I also knew many many people making under 30k which is mind blowing. Everyone has been pissed ever since Disney Studios took over the films which were the heart and soul of the entire brand - now- all marvel entertainment is is publishing (ny) and the bad cartoons on Disney cable. People are either really nice employees just stuck in this crap hole or like others said, comic geek losers who don’t know how to work in tv... but go ahead- keep making those ‘awesome’ YouTube videos. Don’t be fooled - If you want to work for Disney skip this divisiion all together."

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"Where to begin? The New York office lacking trash cans at people's desks? The twilight zone that is compensation? I knew several people making less than 30K working full-time jobs where overtime was expected. If you can survive in New York or Los Angeles that way, my hat is off to you. Marvel is managed with an astounding degree of ineptitude. HR is a dead god, there are maybe 2 to 3 people running the department for the entire company. Much of the day-to-day function is handled by extremely questionable admin level employees who basically wear two hats. Have a problem with your lack of training, questionably livable salary, or with your supervisor who is more platitude than man? Good luck. You will be attacked the moment you raise your hand. We've all seen too many good people forced out the door by vengeful supervisors with a pittance severance. Fine, you're a Spartan and you'll give up anything to work for Marvel because you grew up loving the cartoons and/or comics. Get ready to back that up because you'll arrive at a desk that has at best an older laptop and one working monitor. No mouse, no pens, no staples. Maybe if you're lucky, you'll have access to water. Not in New York though. Then one night you'll realize IT didn't properly scrub your laptop prior to handing it over, and you'll find innumerable personal files, and in my case several folders of pornographic material. If you're like me and you keep your space clean, I fear to tell you what you'll find the first time you try wiping down your equipment or work space. Much of the management structure will astound you with how difficult and petty they can be. Whether that be ignored email, shouting matches on the phone, or just inept and uncaring people who seem to lack all social grace. I pushed for regular sync meetings over coffee, and these immediately devolved into 30 minute lectures and tired rants about everyone we worked with (and of course, myself). Pure hyperbole. We never discussed my work, or how I might improve upon it. We never talked about my career or what my goals were, let alone how I might promote myself. The toxic culture has a slow poison effect. By the time I'd been with Marvel for a year, it felt like I had experienced it in dog years. I was advised to "never invite someone to a 1 on 1 where they have to walk". This sort of vacuous "coaching" is what you can expect in terms of feedback. In short, you're never doing well and you're probably coasting through life on your talent. Does that mean you need to work more hours, build bridges with key people, change your approach to reporting? No one knows! There are no relevant work-related items worthy of feedback, but you will receive a steady stream of negativity regarding life & work from leaders who show up at 10 and are home by 4. Marvel promotes a progressive ideology regarding gender/ethnicity/sexual orientation to the public; but the exact opposite is what you'll find behind the aging doors of their offices. I think half of the slurs I've heard in my life were yelled into mid-air at Marvel. It was all supposed to be funny of course, except that it basically never was. Everyone at Marvel has something to say about everyone else, and if that sounds like High School - well, not a coincidence. As a woman, I would say that it felt like an inhospitable and barely safe place to work. Marvel is something of a misnomer. The films and much of the consumer product suite are governed by Disney. Marvel Entertainment is essentially the leftovers, a fact checking brand assurance company boasting all of the excitement of a small insurance office. While the comics are perhaps best known, the modern quality is embarrassing. Marvel keeps a busy tradeshow calendar, and like clockwork, each show tended to coincide with a public gaffe. With brevity - almost all companies include some folks that can be unpleasant either as supervisors or coworkers. But few of them can match Marvel top to bottom. If hearing a kind and likable co-worker fired, loudly and after about 7 weeks on the job, while being told that the company doesn’t hire “stupid or lazy” people bothers you as much as it did me then you, like me, will likely be better off almost anywhere else. You need only read a few other reviews here, or to Google around to discover the depth at which Marvel is currently residing."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Employees are not valued, paid significantly less than industry standards. You will have to bring your own office supplies. The computers are extremely old. No coffee or tea or water. The water machine barely works properly. Very high turn-over rate. No career advancement. Rare to see anyone ever get promoted."

Manager Live Events says

"Very old way of thinking"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Honestly? The place is a joke. You'd expect Marvel to have a cool office full of creative types always looking to push the boundaries and keep the brand on the cutting edge but that couldn't be further from the truth. It looks like an insurance company on the inside...from the 80's. It's a place where creativity is stifled and the latest innovation I bore witness to was when the mailroom guys finally got the laser pointer and register(like at the grocery store) to scan product at the company sale. You had to fill out a paper form before. There's really NOT MUCH going on within the company except for the films and they are made in Hollywood, so don't expect to work on anything worth telling your next employer. Without the movies and Disney they'd likely be closing their doors...wait never mind, that happened already."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Egotistical management. Hiring low experienced and rapidly promoting them to management. Management expects you to put in many hours of free time. So much so they make their budgets based on extra hours they do not pay for. One example is that a job is given out and scheduled to last 4 weeks (and it takes 4 weeks of more than full time work 160+ hours) and you receive less than 40 hours pay"


"It’s a really sad place to work despite being regarded publicly amongst the most high energy brands in the world. I’ve never met a more dejected, down trodden group in my entire career. Full of underpaid staff who’ve worked there so long I’m convinced they either can’t get another job and/or are obsessed with comics as evidenced by the stampede whenever there’s an internal sale full of leftover product that nobody wanted to buy at Disney World. Ego’s run really high and boasts of working at Marvel for 30+ years(as if that’s something to be proud of) run rampant. One of the cheapest places I’ve ever worked despite Box office BILLIONS. Toilet paper is a privilege, the kitchen has no coffee, and the microwave belongs in a museum — it doesn’t even spin on the bottom. The noisy industrial water machine, complete with little clear cups like the drug test urine ones, is broken at least twice a month. Get used to seeing “Caution, Slippery floor” cones since they’ve yet to repair the leaky pipe underneath the kitchen sink. Everything is on its last leg. Extremely paranoid work environment. Your computer is handicapped from doing anything except your actual job. They blocked the internet once, in general, for “security reasons”. They also send test spam e-mails to try and trick employees into clicking spam links only to reprimand anyone who may have accidentally fallen for it. Company wide e-mails were sent saying anyone who failed the spam exam would be “targeted”, though thankfully we never found out what that actually meant. Also if a celebrity happens to walk around the office, don’t look them directly in the eye or engage them in any way — people have gotten fired for doing so. When you join, there is no welcome package, there is no on-boarding. Don’t expect to have a clean desk or a supply closet with a pen. You’re given the rules of the land and left to fend for yourself. I went without a computer monitor for the first few days because they were “looking for one”. I guess they didn’t stumble upon a Best Buy during the hunt. It’s a publishing company through and through — archaic. You may love the movies, and the comics, and the characters but quite frankly… avoid this place like the plague. It’s a terrible place to call work and a dark cloud over the Disney portfolio. The simple truth is that since the films do well, nobody cares… but if you decide to be an employee here, it’ll be amongst the saddest years of your career. I’m telling you… don’t do it. #YOUREWELCOME"

Freelance Animator (Former Employee) says

"I was contracted for Marvel's "TL;DR" series on social media for a single episode; it was off-site. The producer communicated very poorly and gave me an incorrect due date for my assignment. He had apparently also discarded the work of some of my other colleagues whom he contracted without a reason why."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"It's an organization driven by fear and bureaucracy rather than the creativity and collaboration you'd expect. Management doesn't lead and doesn't give clear expectations. Instead, employees are left to battle over "turf" and utliize shared resources while trying to not get fired. Due to extreme budget concerns, employees aren't given the tools to be successful and the offices are disgusting. The "excuse" you'll hear often is always just "that's how Marvel does things" so if you want to work here, the only reason is because it's Marvel and you'll just have to swallow "that's how Marvel does things""

Production (Current Employee) says

"I have been working at Marvel Entertainment for 4 years now and in that time, despite taking on responsibilities outside my department, I have not seen any kind of advancement. Nor have I seen any change for advancement in the future. I am not paid enough and I am warned against working overtime even though it is almost necessary to get the work done. This is especially true for anyone working with vendors or customers in other time zones. The bright side is comprehensive benefits package, the vast array of discounts, the perks of advanced movie screenings, and the Disney Park admissions. Still, you will be working with quite a few down to earth people that make the work worthwhile. If you were to apply here, I would say to do so at your own risk. If you love comics, this may be dream job for you but for others, it can be quite the opposite.Benefits package, movie screenings, free Disney Parks admissionlow wages, long hours, no room for advancement"

Management (Former Employee) says

"Marvel IT department is micro managed in a mindset that they only operate within their limited comfort zone. However, they tend to project a false persona being innovative on the outside. In result, they spend good portion of time defending their position of being relevant to the business while they could have spent the efforts truely enabling the business instead."

intern (Former Employee) says

"Marvel was great. They really care about you. Reading Comics is part of your, writing"

Designer (Publishing & Creative Services) says

"After years of working for low paying and no chance of advancement. I decided to leave. It's a culture where they will look outside the company instead of promote in most cases."

Editor (Former Employee) says

"The hiring practices at Marvel are extremely outdated. Invest in your employees who have helped to build your brand. The executives are not listening to the people working in the trenches.Part of the Disney familyNo room for advancement"

Comic Book Maker (Former Employee) says

"Great Products.People work hard for the Brand name, but get very little in return for their dedication and loyalty to the company.The upside to Marvel is working with many skilled and creative people and reading comics.comics"

Marvel Entertainment (Current Employee) says

"fantastic brand for your resume. being a part of the disney family has its perks. great disney benefits if you're a fan. free park admission and great discounts on hotels."

Creative Technologist (Current Employee) says

"Marvel has a tendency to hire very good team oriented people. Like any place there are bad eggs but Marvel's problem is they are never dealt with and in turn end up hurting projects long term. The middle level management is atrocious and only look out for themselves which hurts many projects. Higher level project management often fails the low level employees as they often fail at describing scope and not sticking to requirements - additionally there is a poor culture to set arbitrary launch dates that usually hurt the entire project development process.Low-level people to people culture is wonderfulManagement is poor and follow a "do as I say, not as I do" approach"

Senior Graphic Designer (Current Employee) says

"Overall, the job is incredibly fun, and the projects are diverse and interesting. ANyone interesed in the content Marvel produces would be happy with the job. However, for Designers, there is little to nol career advancement, and subsequently, very little in the way of substantial pay increases as the years go by. Ultimately, no matter how fun the job is, it's doesn't pay enough to stay very long.Fun and relaxed envrionment, free movies and access to other Marvel content.Very low pay."

Artist and Designer (Former Employee) says

"Theres all kinds of ways to work some are good some are bad I had a good experiance and can't really complain about how i was treated but it is a bueiness and all in all keep that in mind."

Editorial Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Work at Marvel was a mixed bag. Great people, probably some of my best friends have been made there. Unfortunately a lot of the work would be muddled in communication or lack thereof. I found that whenever I was performing a process incorrectly it was being fixed after the fact and corrections were not being relayed to me. I was in a limbo between two managers which was odd and neither seemed to claim ownership of me. When I was given a review by a manager it was cryptic and unclear regarding 3 of my other co-workers who had been brought to full-time positions while I had not. My expressed interest in advancing and finding permanent employment was met with more nebulous responses and a two-week stretch of extra hours shortly followed by my termination.Nice Disney benefits, nice people, advance screenings of Marvel films, merchandise salespeculiar and unfriendly decisions made by higher-ups"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Work had, play hard. This is a fast paced environment with compelling IP and creative direction. The extreme work load is offset by a great culture and talented workers who bring excitement and refreshing ideas to light.Great culture and talented workers who bring excitement and refreshing ideas to light.Extreme work load."

Front End Developer (Current Employee) says

"At Marvel you get exposed to a lot of good industry standards in programming, however the bureaucracy and poor management can keep you unmotivated and not pushed forward.discounts and screeningsmanagement"

Help Desk Analyst (Former Employee) says

"A great opportunity to understand the process of how live action television shows, movies, and animation gets produced. Not a good company to advance within one's profession. Typical days were unknown, therefore it prepared me to handle any situation.Able to attend Marvel Theatrical premieres, wrap party appreciation lunchesLimited advancement. Not enough upper management or lower management support"

Jeune garçon qui vit en Belgique (Former Employee) says

"Je trouve que marvel devrait créé un nouveau personnage qui remplace superman genre le nouveau Messi, j’a Écrit un livre et j’aim Réaliser un film en étant réalisateur pour MarvelLe positif c’est qu’on a un plat gratuit et travaillant en groupeC’est ne pas trop s’immerger"

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